Radio Show: April 13th, 2013

Milk Music – “New Lease On Love” from Cruise Your Illusion (Fat Possum)

Golden Grrrls – “Take Your Time” from Golden Grrrls (Slumberland)
Sugar Stems – “Get to You” from Can’t Wait (Dirtnap)
Psychic Ills – “I Get By” from One Track Mind (Sacred Bones)
Low Culture – “I Feel Your Ghost” from Screens (Dirtnap)

Hop Along – “Tibetan Pop Stars” from Get Disowned (Hot Green)
Toys That Kill – “Freddy and His Mother” from Fambly 42 (Recess)
Swearin’ – “Hundreds and Thousands” from Swearin’ (Salinas)
Lemuria – “Varoom Allure” from their Varoom Allure 7″ (Bridge Nine)



Tranzmitors – “A Little Bit Closer” from their Concrete Depression 7″ (La Ti Da)
Survival Knife – “Traces of Me” from their Survival Knife 7″ (Sub Pop)
Joyce Manor – “Bride of Usher” from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (Asian Man)

Comadre – “Must Be Nice” from Comadre (Bloodlink)
Lamps – “Fear of Sailors” from Lamps (In The Red)
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads – “Don’t Look at Me” from Go Home (Toxic State)

Crazy Spirit – “They Sleep Easy” from Crazy Spirit (Toxic State)
Moira Scar – “Telepathos” from Scarred For Life (Resipiscent)
Forward – “Failure” from Fucked Up!! (HG Fact)

Love & Rockets – “No New Tale To Tell” from Earth * Sun * Moon (Beggars Banquet)
The Monorchid – “This Jazz Ain’t Free” from Let Them Eat (Dischord/Simple Machines)
Q and Not U – “Meet Me in the Pocket” from Different Damage (Dischord)

Fifteen – “Devotion” from Swain’s First Bike Ride (Lookout)
Steel Pole Bath Tub – “Waxl” from Miracle of Sound in Motion (Boner)
Jawbreaker – “Big” from Bivouac (Blackball)

Le Tigre – “Mediocrity Rules” from From the Desk of Mr. Lady (Mr. Lady)
Billy Bragg – “Strange Things Happen” from The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
Husker Du – “Turn On the News” from Zen Arcade (SST)

Seein Red – “Do It Yourself” from their Discography 1993-1995 (Coalition)
Current – “Coliseum” from their Discography (Council)
Twelve Hour Turn – “Preoccupied with the History Department” from Bend Break Spill (No Idea)

Argentina – “Sameplace” from Diving Board (Belladonna)
Rainer Maria – “Lost, Dropped and Cancelled” from Look Now Look Again (Polyvinyl)
Mocket – “Spark Plug” from Bionic Parts (Punk In My Vitamins)

Fugazi – “Full Disclosure” from The Argument (Dischord)


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