October 2nd, 2010

Daniel Striped Tiger – “Sex In The Sixties” | Certain Stuff (Yellow Ghost)

Defiance, Ohio – “The Reason” | Midwestern Minutes (No Idea)
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb – “Middle O’ Nowhere” | Three Way Tie For A Fifth (No Idea/Plan-It-X)
The Pasties – “I Shot Down The Sky” | Shot Down The Sky (self-released)

Mutoid Men – “Pi” | Mutoid World (Rumbletowne)
forgetters – “The Night Accelerates” | Forgetters 2×7″ (Too Small Too Fail)
The Riot Before -“The Middle Distance” | Rebellion (Paper + Plastick)

Junior Battles – “Passing Out” | split 7″with O’Pioneers (Kiss of Death)
Dan Padilla -“Booker T Would Agree” | As The Ox Plows (Paper + Plastick)
Torche – “Shine On My Old Ways” | Songs For Singles (Hydra Head)

Senders – “Near Freeport” Recovery 7″ (Kiss of Death)
Defeater – “The Red, White and Blues” | Lost Ground (Bridge Nine)
La Dispute – “How I Feel” | Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World (No Sleep)

Grass Widow – “Tuesday” | Past Time (Kill Rock Stars)
The Marked Men – “Wait Here, Wait For You” | Fix My Brain (Dirtnap)
Audacity – “This And That” | Power Drowning (Burger)

Le Tigre – “Gone B4 Yr Home” | From The Desk of Mr. Lady (Mr. Lady)
Rites Of Spring – “All There Is” | End On End (Dischord)
Karp – “Bacon Industry” | Karp (K Records)

Dub Narcotic Sound System – “Sawed Off” Out Of Your Mind (K Records)
Jawbreaker – “Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault” | Dear You (Blackball)
Rancid – “Olympia, Wa” | And Out Come The Wolves (Epitaph)

Snapcase – “Believe, Revolt” – End Transmission (Victory)
Avail – “Stride” | Satiate (Suburban Home)
The Lawrence Arms – “Someday We’re All Gonna Weigh 400 Lbs.” | Guided Tour of Chicago (Asian Man)

Big Boys – “What’s The Word?” | The Fat Elvis (Touch and Go)
Husker Du – “Broken Home, Broken Heart” | Zen Arcade (SST)
Kid Dynamite – “Copout” | Shorter, Faster, Louder (Jade Tree)

Bad Brains – “Re-Ignition ” | I Against I (SST)
Dillinger Four – “Fire Side Chat” |Situationist Comedy (Fat)
Twelve Hour Turn – “I Get Lively…” | The Victory Of Flight (No Idea)

Squirrelbait – “Short Straw Wins” | Skag Heaven (Homestead)


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