Radio Show: October 25th, 2008

Billy Bragg – “Levi Stubb’s Tears”

Don Martin 3 – “Connection”
Don Martin 3 – “She Smelled Like Rain”

Ted Leo – “I’m A Ghost”
Slant 6 – “Click-Click”
Fugazi – “Song #1”
Warning! Danger! – “Rat City Roller Girls”
Descendents – ” ‘Merican ”

Chuck Ragan – “Do You Pray”
Rumbleseat – “Cursin’ Concrete”
Hot Water Music – “Trusty Chords”

Witches With Dicks – “He Was Yelling At Me”
Leatherface – “Not a Day Goes By”
Off With Their Heads – “Keep Falling Down”
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence – “Good Thing”

Green Day – “At The Library”
Embrace – “No More Pain”
Lungfish – “Sing”
Jon Resh – “Days of Spain”
Cap’n’Jazz – “Puddle Splashers”
Jawbreaker – “Shield Your Eyes”

Paul Baribeau – “Ten Things”
Bridge and Tunnel – “Call to the Comptroller’s Office”
The Holy Mountain – “The Will Of The People”
Paint It Black – “Atheists in Foxholes”
The Lawrence Arms – “Beyond the Embarrassing Style”

Avail – “Pink Houses”
Avail – “Belief’s Pile”
Tim Barry – “Avoiding Catatonic Surrender”
Lucero – “Tears Don’t Matter Much”

Uncle Tupelo – “Life Worth Livin'”

got an update about one of these bands?

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