October 17th, 2009

The Ergs – “Books About Miles Davis”

Banner Pilot – “Losing Daylight”
Dan Padilla – “I Should Have Killed You When I Had The Chance”
The Lawrence Arms – “The First Eviction Notice”
The Bomb – “The Rescue”

No Friends – “Never Ending Fight”
Torche – “Triumph of Venus”
Toys That Kill – “They Caught Us All”
This Is My Fist – “Story of Reconversion”
Grabass Charlestons – “Lead Us Down”

Charm City Saints – “Adrift”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Cool Ice Cream”
Pink Razors – “Back Home”

Good Luck – “Come Home”
Lemuria – “Lipstick”
Dreamdate – “Have I Told You”

Cripple + Casino – “Do My Job”
The Inbred – “Scenic Death”
Impulse International – “Rooftops + Bus Stops”

Defect Defect – “Repeating Patterns”
Rogue Nation – “Be Your Own Rogue Nation”

Holopaw – “Black Laquered Shame”
Billy Bragg – “The Saturday Boy”

Shonen Knife – “Flying Saucer Attack”
Gogol Bordello – “American Wedding”
Angry Samoans – “I Am a Pig”
Mission of Burma – “One Day We Will Live There”

Polvo – “Downtown Dedication”
Fugazi – “Great Cop”
Husker Du – “If I Told You”
Leatherface – “Not a Day Goes By”

The Vandals – “My Brain Tells My Body”
Sonic Youth – “Superstar”
Le Tigre – “My Metrocard”

Polar Bear Club – “One Hit Back”

Notes: This one took flight with Jason, Julia and Will (who was visiting from Albuquerque, NM). Rock it! – Frankie B

got an update about one of these bands?

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