Radio Show: October 16th 2010

Frank hosted this show and was joined by Brian Sparhawk (THE TIDE, FITZ OF DEPRESSION, DEATH SQUAD, TWO TON BOA) for the second set

Fleshies – “Runner’s Legs” | Scrape The Walls (Alternative Tentacles)

Grass Widow – “Give Me Shapes” | Past Time (Kill Rock Stars)
Son Skull – “Ryan & Crystal” | Birth Scene / Rewind EP (Perennial)
Gun Outfit – “Southern Chill” | Possession Sound (Post Present Medium)

Racebannon – “Lingers In Her Lungs” | First There Was Emptiness (Secretly Canadian)
Ampere  – “Against Automation” | All Our Tomorrows End Today (Ebullition)
Jaguar Love – “Highways of Gold” | Jaguar Love (Matador)

The Black Pacific – “Ruinator” |  The Black Pacific (Side One Dummy)
In The Red – “All Sixes” | Split 7″ with The Anchor (Kiss of Death)
Soul Control – “Involution” | Involution (Rivalry)

Touche Amore – “Broken Records” | ..To the Beat of A Dead Horse (6131)
Deathrats – “Girl Style” | Deathrats EP (To Live a Lie)
Defeater – “Everything Went Quiet” | Travels (Bridge Nine)

Rumspringer – “With A Hint Of Lyme” | Empty Towers (Traffic Street)
Good Luck – “Same Stories” | Into Lake Griffy (No Idea)
The Measure [SA] – “Powerlines” | Split 7″ with New Bruises (Kiss of Death)

forgetters – “The Night Accelerates” | Forgetters 2×7″ (Too Small To Fail)
Mean Jeans – “Case Race” | Are You Serious? (Dirtnap)
The Gossip – “Don’t Make Waves” | Movement (Kill Rock Stars)

Followed by an AWESOME set with Brian Sparhawk…

Melvins – “Hooch”
Lungfish – “Friend to Friend in the Endtime”
Minor Threat – “Straight Edge”

Fitz of Depression – “Powershack”
Karp – “Forget the Minions”
Fitz of Depression – “Big Machine”

Bikini Kill – “Rebel Girl”
Fitz of Depression – “I Can’t”
The Halo Benders – “Don’t Touch My Bikini”

L7 – “Andres”
Two Ton Boa – “Cash Machine”
Two Ton Boa – “Have Mercy”

Seaweed – “Antilyrical”
Red Fang – “Prehistoric Dog”

The Tide

got an update about one of these bands?

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