NW Preview Podcast: June 16, 2013

This is the second edition of our NW PREVIEW podcast, where we showcase bands that are playing shows in the northwest in the next two months that we are stoked about.

Crabapple – “By Your Side” from Softly (self-released)

Prank War – “F U” from Don’t Blame The Rain (self-released)
Romantic Feelings – “Friends” from their self-titled tape (self-released)

Fell To Low – “Serpentine” from Half A Boy’s Life (Photo Booth)
Street Eaters – “Ashby and Shattuck” from Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons (Plan-it-X)
Gay Kiss – “New March” from Fault (Anxiety Machine)


Punch – “Do It Yourself” from Nothing Lasts E.P. (Deathwish Inc./625 Thrashcore)
Holy – “War” from The Age of Collapse (Adagio 830)
Defect Defect – “Stolen Ground” from their self-titled LP (Taken By Surprise)
Carrion Spring – “Red Tide” from A Short History of Decay (Bear Records)
The Exquisites – “Selfish Feelings” from their self-titled LP (Asian Man)

Mindless – “Social Death” from Planet of Pestilence (To Live A Lie)

got an update about one of these bands?

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