Radio Show: November 6th 2010

Punch – “Don’t Start” | Punch (625 Thrashcore)

Into It. Over It – “Summerville, SC” | Snack Town Split 7″ (Topshelf)
Zona Mexicana – “The Art of Science” | 3 Song EP
Daughters – “Fiery” | Hell Songs (Hydrahead)

The Sons of Saturn – “Objects in Mirror Are Doser Than They Appear” | You’ll Never Want to Do Anything Else Ever Again (Old School Kids)
Fleshies – “When We Were Dragons” | Scrape The Walls (Alternative Tentacles)
RVIVR – “Tallest Tree” | Dirty Water (Yo Yo)

WITCHES – “Forget” | Forever (Bakery Outlet)
Shores – “Roux” | Coup De Grace (No Idea)
Dirty Tactics – “It Is What It Is” | It Is What It Is (Say-10)

Banner Pilot – “Overwinter” | Resignation Day [reissue] (Fat)
Mayflower – “I Never…” | Second Best Sunsets (Kiss of Death)
Superchunk – “Slow Drip” | Majesty Shredding (Merge)

Teenage Cool Kids – “Clumsy Anthems” | Split with Daniel Striped Tiger (Cleanplate / Protagonist)
Pianos Become The Teeth – “Filial” | Old Pride (Topshelf)
Iron Lung – “Condemned” | Life. Iron Lung. Death. (625 Thrashcore)

Boyfriends – “Marc is Gary” | Split with Boysandsex
La Quiete – “Cosa Sei Disposto A Perdere” | La Quiete
Cattle Drums – “New Furniture and Wigs” | The Boy Kisser Sessions

Dillinger Four – “Music Is None of My Business” | Versus God (Hopeless)
Kid Dynamite – “Shiner” | Kid Dynamite (Jade Tree)
Faraquet – “Study in Movement” | Anthology 1997-98 (Dischord)

Lungfish – “Descender” | Talking Songs For Walking (Dischord)
The Gossip – “Confess” | Movement (Kill Rock Stars)
Mocket – “Pearl Drop” | Bionic Parts (Punk In My Vitamins)

The Nation of Ulysses – “Look Out! Soul Is Back” | 13 Point Program to Destroy America (Dischord)
Antioch Arrow – “Space Age” | In Love With The Jetts / The Lady Is a Cat (Gravity)
Shotmaker – “Drown” | The Complete Discography 1993-1996 (Troubleman Unlimited)

Nuisance – “Backporch” | Sunny Side Down (Lookout)
Mule – “Drown” | Mule (Touch and Go)
Rumbleseat – “Trestles” | …Is Dead (No Idea)

Twelve Hour Turn – “A Mouth of Suitable Size” | The Victory of Flight (No Idea)

Black Flag – “Wound Up” | Slip It In (SST)
Embrace – “Past” | Dance of Days (Dischord)
Squirrelbait – “Too Close To The Fire” | Skag Heaven (Homestead)

Bitch Magnet – “Big Pining” | Umber & Star Booty (Communion)


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