November 28th, 2009

Matt from the Olympia, WA label “Radio is Down” joined us in the studio

Something Fierce – “Aliens” from There Are No Answers (Dirtnap)

Chop Sakis – “Ghost Town Crowd” from Ghost Town Crowd (Little Deputy)
High Tension Wires – “People I Know” from Send A Message (Dirtnap)
Marked Men – “My Love” from Ghosts (Dirtnap)

—– Matt rocks it from this point forward…

Quarterhorse – “Brain is Broken”
Baxter Stockman – “Evilize”
Bhava – “Fornication Under Consent of King”

Fun – “Slonko”
Health – “Die Slow”
Okker – “Nuggets (Mid-Ten)

Other Ghost – “The Pliant Pilot”
Part Chimp – “Bring Back The Sound”
Straight A’s – “Pretty Ugly”

Suzanne’s Silver – “Pages”
Tiger Shower Caps – “Hidden Behind the Curtain”
Uzeda – “Steam, Rain and Stuff”

Wisdom Teef – “Beautiful Mistakes”

Cripple and Casino – “Isuzu”
Ex-wives – “Every Woman Loves a Facist”
Replicator – “Baby, I Want to Terraform Your Planet”
Actual Technology – “Trans-mechanical Schematic”

Hot Snakes – “XOX”
Sholi – “Tourniquit”
The Shipping News – “Lovin”

Rocket From The Crypt – “Killy Kill
Red Monkey – “Pro Choice”
Don Cabellero – “Unresolved Karma”

Circus Lupus – “Blue Baby”
Karp – “Me Big Mouth”

(reading Matt’s handwriting here.. many possible mistakes)

got an update about one of these bands?

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