November 21st, 2009

Grabass Charlestons in Seattle, WA
Grabass Charlestons in Seattle, WA

All Vinyl 7″ show!

Grabass Charlestons – “Lead Us Down”

Anchor Down – “All Perfume”
RVIVR – “Derailer”
Bastards of Young – “Earthquake Weather”

New Bruises – “Holding Pattern”
Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels – “Start Me On Interferon”
Young Livers – “Drinks Are Our Amnesty”

The Measure [SA] – “How To Thrash a Million”
Off With Their Heads – “Shambles”
Banner Pilot – “Spit Out”

Iron Chic – “World’s Greatest Detective”
Brainworms – “For Want Of”
Dynamite Arrows – “Hobo Clean Song”

Tubers – “Coconut Thunder”
Paul Baribeau – “The Rolling Clouds”
Ghost Mice – “Witches and Warlocks”

Git Some – “Lick, Lick, Lick”
American Cheeseburger – “Camouflage Hairspray”
Dan Padilla – “Mamie is Free”

Get Up Kids – “Off the Wagon”
Man Afraid – “Cemetery Ridge”
J Church – “Good Judge of Character”

Billy Bragg – “A New England”
Desmond Outcast and the Transplanted Heroes – “Two People Blue”
Egg Hunt – “Me and You”

Superchunk – “On The Mouth”
Moving Targets – “Away From Me”
Jolt – “Burn”

Red Monkey – “Weight of Should”
Bellini – “The Buffalo Song (Canzone de Bufalo)”

Waltz – “6 AM”
Don Martin 3 – “Katahdn”

Strikeforce Diablo – “Akimbo”

got an update about one of these bands?

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