Radio Show: November 15th, 2008

Japanther – “Full Cup”

Toys That Kill – “Activate”
Tubers – “You Will Loose Your Looks to A Bottle”
Bananas – “National Anthem”

Descendents – “Suburban Home”
Samiam – “Home Sweet Home”
The Ramones – “Do You Wanna Dance”

Fugazi – “Burning Too”
Superchunk – “Press”
The Clash – “Pressure Drop”

Pegboy – “Field of Darkness”
Bad Religion – “No Control”
Paul Baribeau – “Things I Like”

Avail – “Blue Ridge”
Operatiton Ivy – “Caution”
Embrace – “Do Not Consider Yourself Free”
The Minutemen – “Please Don’t Be Gentle With Me”

Cap’n’Jazz – “Planet Shh”
Rainer Maria – “Summer + Longer”
Current – “Come Down”

Green Day – “Words I Might Have Ate”
Shudder to Think – “Heaven Here”
Firehose – “Candle and the Flame”

Christie Front Drive – “Slide”

At the Drive In – “Hulahoop Wounds”
True North – “Rock N Roll”
Unwound – “New Energy”

Radon – “Facial Disobedience”
Big Boys – “Hollywood Swinging”
Phleg Camp – “Cut the Robe Shit”

The Pogues – “The Boat Train”
Shellac – “The Guy Who Invented Fire”
The Pine Hill Haints – “Your Wicked Heart Has Done Me Wrong”

Seam – “Something Burning”
Sebadoh – “Brand New Love”
Love and Rockets – “No New Tale To Tell”

Lync – “Two Feet In Front”

got an update about one of these bands?

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