Mixtape Revival: Var Thelin (1991)

"Frank Dammit" Mixtape by Var Thelin (circa 1991)

This mixtape was made for me in 1991, or maybe shortly before or after, by Var Thelin of No Idea fanzine/records. Here it is for your listening pleasure, with the full song list …

Var and I met in 1990. Jon Resh and Scot Hugel, soon to be in the band Spoke, introduced us. He was just out of a tough breakup situation, which I distinctly remember him mentioning in our first conversation in kind of a “hello, I’m broken… just putting it out there” kinda way. Var has always been quirky and charismatic, and he’s definitely someone you’re glad to call a friend. I would occasionally skate over to his house and lend a hand with No Idea fanzine and some mailorder stuff, but mostly we’d just make milkshakes and hangout, often with our friend Rachel. They got me into a lot of Olympia, Seattle and D.C. stuff. Some other girl caused a bit of a fallout, sometime after this tape was made, nothing big.

Years later, I make sure to catch him once per FEST for a conversation and we watch each other’s kids grow up on Facebook. Well, I assume he’s noticed, too.  Var’s a GREAT guy, with the right mind about punk, as well good ear for music and a good eye for graphics. Between him and Jen, they’re good at the business it takes to make important things happen while keeping things honest and true to their community. They were early and solid backers of Wayward Council. it wouldn’t have happened the right way without their support (and Matt Sweeting).

Much appreciation to everyone at No Idea for putting, and keeping Gainesville “on the map” where it belongs.

Song List of "Frank Dammit" Mixtape by Var Thelin (circa 1991)

Side A:
NomeansNo – “The Fall”- from 0 + 2 = 1 (Wrong)
Melvins – “Wispy”- from Eggnog (Boner)
Snuff – “You’re Wondering Now”- from the That’s Fine EP (K records / 10 past 12)
Gray Matter – “Chutes & Ladders” – from the Take It Back EP (Dischord)
Big Trouble House – “Watered Down” – from Watered Down 7″ (Community 3)
X – “Hungry Wolf” – from Under the Big Black Sun (Elektra)
Cop Shoot Cop – “Hung Again”- from White Noise (Big Cat)
Holy Rollers – “Perfect Sleeper”- from Fabuley (Dischord)
Metallica – “The Prince”- from Harvester of Sorrow (Vertigo)
Soulside – “God City”- from Soon Come Happy (Dischord)
Quicksand – “Omission”- from Quicksand (Revelation)
Victim’s Family – “Caged Bird”- from White Bread Blues (Mordam)
Seaweed – “Selfish”- from Despised (Sub Pop)
Afghan Whigs – “Retarded”- from Up In It (Sub Pop)
March Violets – “Essence”- from Electric Shades (Relativity)

Side B:
Elf – “Eddy Sci.”- is this the Ronnie James Dio band?
Accüsed – “Wrong Side of the Grave”- from The Return of Martha Splatter (Combat)
Rhythm Pigs – “Censorshit”- from Choke On This (Mordam)
Beefeater – “One Soul Down”- from House Burning Down (Dischord)
Rain – “That Time of Year”- from La Vacha Qui Rit EP (Peterbilt)
D.O.A. – “Behind the Smile”- from the Terminal City Ricochet Soundtrack (Alternative Tentacles)
Social Unrest – “Now + Forever”- from Now and Forever (Libertine)
Rich Kids on LSD (RKL) – “Scab on My Brain”- from Rock N Roll Nightmare (Alchemy)
SNFU – “Where’s My Legs”- from If You Swear, You’ll Catch No Fish (Better Youth Organization)
Test Dept. – “Total Nervous Phenomonom”- from If You Can’t Please Yourself You Can’t, Please Your Soul (Capitol)
Tupelo Chain Sex – “Mambo Lola”- from 4! (Cargo)
Das Damen – “Noon Daylight”- from Entertaining Friends (City Slang)
Hickoids – “Queen of the BarBQ”- from Waltz a Crossdress Texas (Toxic Shock)
Lungfish – “Nothing is Easy”- from Talking Songs for Walking (Dischord)
Blatz – “Homemade Speed”- from The Shit Split (Alternative Tentacles)
D.J. Lebowitz – “Holiday in Cambodia”- from Beautiful Happiness (Sounds and Shikagu Limited)


Admittedly, I added the album & label information now, in 2011, so it might not be where the song originally came from for the tape, but not a bad indication of where you might find it.

"Frank Dammit" Mixtape by Var Thelin (circa 1991)
“Frank Dammit” Mixtape by Var Thelin (circa 1991)

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