May 8th, 2010

Shark Pants – “Watergun”

Shook Ones – “Bad Year”
Cloak/Dagger – “Set The Alarm”
Banner Pilot – “Empty Your Bottles”

Dead to Me – “Special Professional”
Off With Their Heads – “Heroin in NYC”
The Measure [SA] – Drunk By Noon

Paul Baribeau – “Things I Like”
Radon – “Two Feet”
Love is All – “Bigger Bolder”

Tubers – “Late Bloomer”
Lemuria – “Bookworm”
Pink Razors – “Geometric Park”

The Fall – “Hot Cake”
Ten Volt Shock – “Superflexx”
Torche – “Across the Shields”

Medications – “…Or at LEast as Bad”
No Friends – “Material Addiction”
Mean Jeans – “Space Trash”

Billy Bragg – “She’s Got A New Spell”
Palatka – “Another Sort of Blacklist”
Minor Threat – “Cashing In”

Car vs. Driver – “Without a Day”
Cap’n’Jazz – “In The Clear”
Current – “She Can’t Write”

Jawbreaker – “Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault”
Samiam – “Ed Says”
Avail – “Model”

(Young) Pioneers – “The Movement Loves You”
Strawman – “This Vice, This Passion”
The Lemonheads – “Die Right Now”

Minutemen – “Theatre is the Life of You”
Superchunk – “Cast Iron”
Tight Bros From Way Back When – “Because I Said So”

The End of the Century Party – “

got an update about one of these bands?

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