May 30th, 2009

Marked Men – “Shaky Ground”

The Riot Before – “We Are Wild Stallions”
Monikers – “80 Proof”
The Measure [SA] – “Hit the Ground Running”
Toys That Kill – “Run Away”

O’Pioneers – “Dead City Sound”
Screaming Females – “Starving Dog”
Off With Their Heads – “Big Mouth”
Banner Pilot – “Overwinter”

Virgins – “Guitarmageddon”
The Shaking Hands – “Liars Are For Punching”
Army of Ponch – “So, You Told Your Friends I’m Some Kind Of Jet Pilot?”
Young Livers – “Fairwell”

The Ergs! – “Hey Jealousy”
The Bananas – “Time Bandits”
The Serious Geniuses – “Marc Attack”

Tubers – “68”
Anchor Arms – “Capital Cities”

Anchor Down – “Never Was a Lesson Learned”
Drunken Boat – “Memorial Days”
Shook Ones – “Raised By Woofs”

RVIVR – “Life Moves…”

Man Afraid – “Cemetary Ridge”
Car vs. Driver – “Good Riddance”
Car vs. Driver – “Final Offering”
Braid – “Milwaukee Sky Rocket”

Twelve Hour Turn – “Jack Bailey vs. Mt. Airy North Carolina”

Shark Pants – “Donkey Wishbone”
Husker Du – “Flip Your Wig”
Fugazi – “Burning”
Calabash Case – “Parading Constantly”

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