Radio Show: May 2nd, 2009

DJ Liz, the Punk Rock Princess stopped in to play some tunes in the second hour, thanks Liz! – her picks are (LL)

Fugazi – “Birthday Pony”

Green Day – “Only of You”
Jawbreaker – “Rich [demo]”
Leatherface – “Baked Potato”

Shook Ones – “Not A Day Goes By”
Love is All – “Wishing Well”
Environmental Youth Crunch – “Diamond in the Muff”

Cloak/Dagger – “Concentration Camps”
Virgins – “Another Gun”
Tubers – “68”
New Bruises – “Coffee With A Side Of Confrontation, Please”

The Bananas – “Nobody Loves You”
Nobunny – “I Am A Girlfriend”
The Arrivals – “Fat Of The Land”

Banner Pilot – “Absentee”
Report Suspicious Activity – “Bush Is Brezhnev”
Star Fucking Hipsters – “Zombie Christ”
Pink Razors – “Fine Food 5:15”

The Serious Geniuses – “Marc Attack”
Off With Their Heads – “Big Mouth”
Dillinger Four – “The Classical Arrangement”

Afghan Whigs – “Hated”
Mudhoney – “Touch Me I’m Sick”
Nirvana – “Negative Creep”

The Dead Boys – “Sonic Reducer” (LL)
The Avengers – “We Are The One” (LL)
Gang Of Four – “Damaged Goods” (LL)

Gogol Bordello – “Start Wearing Purple” (LL)
Transplants – “Weigh On My Mind” (LL)
The Clash – “London Calling” (LL)

The Descendents – “‘Merican” (LL)
NOFX – “Seeing Double at the Triple Door” (LL)
The Dickies – “Howdy Doody” (LL)

The Soviettes – “Portland” (LL)
The Epoxies – “Need More Time” (LL)
Horrorpops – “Walk Like a Zombie” (LL)

Flogging Molly – “The Wanderlust”  (LL)

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