May 22nd 2010


Love is All – “Never Now”

Cloak/Dagger – “Hollywood Hills”
Banner Pilot – “No Transfer”
The Measure [SA] – “Little Things”

Cheap Girls – “No One to Blame”
Have Gun, Will Travel – “Sons and Daughters of the Gilded Age”
Ninja Gun – “Eight Miles Out”

Into It, Over It – “Watching You Cry in Public”
We Were Skeletons – “Pudge Paws”
Dead to Me – “Arrhythmic Palpitations”

Good Luck – “Pajammin'”
Paul Baribeau – “Tablecloth”
Pink Razors – “Bigger Boat”

Lemuria – “Lipstick”
Fifth Hour Hero – “How Much is Revolution With Taxes?”
Spanish Gamble – “Science Can’t Explain Magic”

Abe Vigoda – “Hyacinth Girls”
Off With Their Heads – “That Must Be Nigel With The Brie”
Die Hoffnung – “Santa Teresa En Fuego”

Universal Order of Armageddon – “Close to Far Away”
MK Ultra – “Not Likely To Succeed”
Car vs. Driver – “Good Riddance”

Lifetime – “Francie Nolan”
Submission Hold – “My Belief”
Seein’ Red – “Colourblind”
Milemarker – “New Lexicon”
16 – “Curves That Kick”

Native Nod – “Breed”
Treepeople – “No Doubt”
The Nation of Ulysses – “Today I Met the Girl I’m Going to Marry”

Rites of Spring – “Spring”
Moonraker – “Accident Prone”
Bratmobile – “Cheap Trick Record”

Cap’n’Jazz – “Little League”
The Butchies – “Madame”

The Hated – “Moss Icon Song (pt. 2)”

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