May 1st, 2010

Ten Volt Shock – “The Vexed”

Audacity – “Mode”
Shark Pants – “Donkey Wishbone”
The Tim Version – “Shin Splints”

Cloak/Dagger – “Billions Millions”
Toys That Kill – “Run Away…”
Shook Ones – “For Flannel”

Love is All – “Repetition”
Dead to Me – “Nothin’ Runnin’ Through My Brain”
Banner Pilot – “Farewell to Iron Bastards”

Whiskey Trench – “The Good Sun”
Off With Their Heads – “Heroin in NYC”
The Measure [SA] – “Just Go”

Paul Baribeau – “Christmas Lights”
Torche – “Grenades”
Pink Razors – “Fine Food 5:15”

Tubers – “Artificial Essence”
Lemuria – “It’s Not A Lie, It’s a Secret”
The Exploding Hearts – “We Don’t Have to Worry Anymore”
Radon – “Live It Down”

Minor Threat – “12XU”
Palatka – “Voice of the Actors”
Rites of Spring – “Deeper Than Inside”

Samiam – “Underground”
Bitchin’ – “I’d Rather Jump”
Firehose – “Sometimes”

Avail – “Sanctuary 13”
The Get Up Kids – “Red Letter Day”
Jawbreaker – “Do You Still Hate Me?”

Bow Wow Wow – “Do You Wanna Hold Me?”
Adam and the Ants – “Antmusic”
The English Beat – “Save It For Later”

Car vs. Driver – “Hemlock”
Cap’n’Jazz – “Planet Shhh”
Current – “Slivered Lead”
Shellac – “The Guy Who Invented Fire”

Tar – “Walking the King”

got an update about one of these bands?

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