May 15, 2010

Whiskey Trench

Whiskey Trench – “Break Me Down”

This is My Fist – “Wooden Bullets”
Banner Pilot – “Skeleton Key”
Tubers – “Hunger Artist”

The Measure [SA] – “Hit the Ground Running”
Off With Their Heads – “Keep Falling Down”
Dead to Me – “Bad Friends”

We Were Skeletons – “Exposure From Heavy Metal Causes Whatever”
Love is All – “Less Than Thrilled”
Ten Volt Shock – “Motivation Spy”

The Tim Version – “Bitter Greens”
Die Hoffnung – “Santa Teresa En Fuego”
Lemuria – “Pants”
Paul Baribeau – “Better Than Anything Ever”

Able Baker Fox – “Face on Fire”
Cloak/Dagger – “Concentration Camps”
Pink Razors – “Back Home”
The Weakerthans – “Wellington’s Wenesdays”

Rites of Spring – “Persistent Vision”
Tilt – “Fool to Blame”
Car vs. Driver – “20 x 5”

The Van Pelt – “My Bouts with Pouncing”
Avail – “Armchair”
Minor Threat – “Stumped”

Samiam – “Speed”
(Young) Pioneers – “Meeting Over Yonder”
Fifteen – “Devotion”

Jawbreaker – “Big”
Billy Bragg – “Strange Things Happen”
Current – “Coliseum”

Mocket – “Spark Plug”
Q and Not U – “Meet Me In The Pocket”
Hanson Brothers – “Give Me Anything”

Le Tigre – “Mediocrity Rules”
Twelve Hour Turn – “Preoccupied With The History Department”
Soccer Team – “Here’s Why Dancer’s Smoke”

Husker Du – “Turn On The News”
Universal Order of Armageddon – “Visible Distance”

got an update about one of these bands?

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