March 6th, 2010

Iron Chic – “(I Never Get)Winded”

Shorebirds – “Gonna Get Ugly”
The Marked Men – “Fix My Brain”
Tubers – “Aren’t We Clever”

The Cute Lepers – “Some Hits Hurt”
Lemuria – “It’s Not a Lie, It’s a Secret”
RVIVR – “Derailer”

The Measure [SA] – “Unwritten”
from a Pink Couch Session –

American Steel – “Loaded Gun”
Leatherface – “God is Dead”
Tiltwheel – “Texas 10”
Brainworms – “For Want Of”

Dead to Me – “Fell Right In”
Shannon and the Clams – “Troublemaker”
Western Hymn – “Been Cheated”
Mean Jeans – “Steve Don’t Party No More”

Anchor Arms – “Cold Blooded”
The Knockdown – “CallMeKavanaghThatWasAmazing”
Mike Hale – “Lives Like Mine”

Ghost Mice – “Oh Sister”
Nice and Friendly – “Making Changes and Feeling Better”
Matty Pop Chart – “Thailand”
Paul Baribeau – “Christmas Lights”

Fugazi – “Epic Problem”
The Lawrence Arms – “Chicago is Burning..”
Sleater-Kinney – “Little Mouth”

Dan Padilla – “Just Maybe”
Bikini Kill – “Starfish”
Husker Du – “Celebrated Summer”
Mutoid Men – “The Wizard Sits”

Jawbreaker – “Down”
The Hated – “Moss Icon Song”
Don Martin 3 – “Transistor”

Avail – “Blue Ridge”
At The Drive In – “Give It a Name”
King Friday – “Married Alive”

The Clash – “Complete Control”
Defect Defect – “Ex Punk”
Rainer Maria – “Planetary”

Moonraker – “Accident Prone”

got an update about one of these bands?

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