March 27th 2010

Mean Jeans – “I Was Born On a Saturday Night”

Leatherface – “Never Say Goodbye”
Tiltwheel – “Song That Used to Be Called Aaron’s Song”
Tim Barry – “Sorrow Flats”

RVIVR – “Life Moves”
The Cute Lepers – “World of Surprise”
Shorebirds – “Upside Down”

Lemuria – “Bee Spit”
The Measure [SA] – “Workage”
Good Luck – “Sleep With No Bad Dreams”

Tubers – “Coconut Thunder”
Dead to Me – “Cruel World”
The Marked Men – “It’s Not a Crime”

Algernon Cadwallader – “Katie’s Conscious”
Brainworms – “Let Be Honest”
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – “The Mighty Sparrow”

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Anxiety”
The Bananas – “Don’t Touch That Thing”
The Weakerthans – “Wellington’s Wednesday” (live)

Lync – “Cue Cards”
Rainer Maria – “Feeling Neglected?”
Cap’n’Jazz – “We Are Scientists!”

At the Drive In – “For Now We Toast”
Fugazi – “Public Witness Program”
Crain – “Car Crash Decisions”

Sleater-Kinney – “My Stuff”
Rain – “Worlds at War”
Lifetime – “Ostrichsized”

Don’s Ex-Girlfriend – “Chesapeake”
Hot Water Music – “Sons and Daughters”
Jawbreaker – “Shield Your Eyes”

Treepeople – “It’s Alright Now Ma”
(Young) Pioneers – “Seven Days in May”

The Minutemen – “Maybe Partying Will Help”

got an update about one of these bands?

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