March 20th, 2010

Danger! Death Ray! (PDX) – Ryan, Dave, and Walker were in the studio with Frankie B!

The Cute Lepers – “No Escape”
The Measure [SA] – “Letters From Earth”
Mean Jeans – “Throwin’ Stones”

RVIVR – “Can’t Stand It”
The Marked Men – “Stay Home”
Lemuria – “Bookworm”

Danger Death Ray – “Don’t Go to Mesquite”

Ryan’s 1st set:
Anchor Down – “Word War I”
Pillow Fights – “Buzz Buzz”
The Damage Done – “Teen-Bop Hit Factory”

Dave’s 1st set:
Lifetime – “25 Cent Giraffes”
Q and not U – “So Many Animal Calls”
Paint It Black – “Memorial Day”

Walker’s 1st set:
Mastodon – “I Am Ahab”
Dennis Wilson – “Friday Night”
Hot Chip – “Over & Out”

Good Luck – “Stars Were Exploding”
Iron Chic – “Cry Baby”
Jawbreaker – “Kiss the Bottle”

Ryan’s 2nd set:
Neil Sutherland & Friends – “Run”
Destroy Nate Allen – “Turns Out You’re Perfect For Me”
Attica! Attica! – “Way Down in Gitmo”

Danger Death Ray – “Silly Little Smile”

Dave’s 2nd set:
Green Day – “At The Library”
Elvis Costello – “The Beat”
The Zombies – “This Will Be Our Year”

Walker’s 2nd set:
Propaghandi – “Supporting Caste”
Two Gallants – “Las Cruces Jail”
The Promise Ring – “Pink Chimneys”

got an update about one of these bands?

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