June 20th 2009

Michael Dennis joined Frankie B in the studio, his picks are (MD)

The Shaky Hands – “Liars Are For Punching”

Brutal Knights – “Done With Music”
Toys That Kill – “They Caught Us All”
The Serious Geniuses – “Backwards, Thinking Backwards”

North Lincoln – “Leveling”
Off With Their Heads – “That Must Be Nigel With The Brie”
O’Pioneers! – “The Architect of Disney World”

The Accelerators – “Ok By Me” (MD)
Comeback Kid – “My Other Side” (MD)
The Hives – “I’m a Wicked One” (MD)

International Espionage! – “Attencion”
Anchor Down – “El Radio”
Witches With Dicks – “He Was Yelling At Me”
The Riot Before – “You Can’t Sexy Dance to Punk Rock”

Nana Grizol – “Tamborine ‘n’ Thyme”
Mika Miko – “Blues Not Speed”
Screaming Females – “Starving Dogs”

Virgins – “Another’s Gun”
Avail – “Subdued + Arrested”
Banner Pilot – “Saltash Luck”

Supergrass – “Pump Up Your Stereo” (MD)
The Ramones – “Time Bomb” (phone request)
The Slits – “Fade Away” (MD)

Walls of Jericho – “Day and A Thousand Years” (MD)
The Briefs – “Destroy the USA” (MD)
The Arsons – “Even Ashes” (MD)
The Adolescents – “Amoeba (live)” (MD)

Snuff – “The Damage is Done” (MD)
The Pasties – “You Never Know Where You’re Going” (MD)
Dead Kennedys – “Back in the USSR” (MD)

Bratmobile – “You’re Fired” (MD)
Strawman – “Heart beat” (MD)
Crystal Stilts – “Bright Night”
Sleater Kinney – “One Beat” (MD)

Jesus Lizard – “Cold Water” (MD)
The Soviettes – “Ten”
Fugazi – “Strange Light”

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