July 4th, 2009

The Clash – “I’m So Bored With the USA”

The Explosion – “The Ideal”
New Bruises – “Homo-Erectus-Americanus”
Dillinger Four – “The Great American Going Out Of Business Sale”

The Arrivals – “Quiet American”
The Nerve Agents – “Fall of the All American”
The Bananas – “National Anthem”

The Descendents – “‘Merican”
Green Day – “American Idiot”
The Avengers – “The American In Me”

Report Suspicious Activity – “All American Massacres”
Grabass Charlestons – “Un-American”
The Measure [SA] – “Fourth of July”

The Shaking Hands – “Breathe”
Radon – “Two Feet”
Toys That Kill – “Activate”

Dear Landlord – “Lake Ontario”
The Riot Before – “5 to 9”
Off With Their Heads – “The Beijing Cocktail”

O’Pioneers! – “I So Told You So”
Monikers – “She”
The Lawrence Arms – “Like a Record Player”

Japanther – “Summer of ’79”
Operation Ivy – “Healthy Body”
Dead to Me – “Writing Letters”

The Cramps – “People Ain’t No Good”
Pansy Division – “Average Men”

Embrace – “Do Not Consider Yourself Free”

Against Me! – “Even At Our Worst, We’re Still Better Than Most”
The Loved Ones – “The Bridge”
Less Than Jake – “The State of Florida”

Chuck Ragan – “Open Up and Wail”
Paul Baribeau – “Hard Work”
Defiance, Ohio – “Lambs at the Slaughter”

Banner Pilot – “Wired Wrong”
Marked Men – “All In Your Head”

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