Radio Show: July 31st, 2010

Fucked Up – “Magic Word” from The Chemistry of Common Life (Matador)

1994! – “acknowledge the rage” from FCKYRHED (Inkblot)
Refused – “The Refused Party Program” from The Shape of Punk to Come (Burning Heart)
Touche Amore – “And Now It’s Happening in Mine” from the beat of a dead horse (6131)

Comadre – “60 Grit” from Trainwreck split (Bloodtown)
Paint It Black – “Homesick” from Amnesia (Bridge Nine)
La Dispute – “How I Feel” from Searching For a Pulse / The Worth of Things (No Sleep)

Tiny Hawks – “Illuminate the Monsters” from People Without End (Corleone)
Child Bite – “Black Pyramid Mausoleum” from The Living Breathing Organ Summer (Joyful Noise)
The Cripples – “Beach Ball” from Culture (Dirtnap)

Wavves – “No Hope Kids” from Wavves (Fat Possum)
No Age – “Boy Void” from Weirdo Rippers (Fat Cat)
Vivian Girls – “Where Do You Run To” from Vivian Girls (In The Red)

Paul Baribeau – “Poor Girls” from Unbearable (No Idea)
Into It. Over It.  – “Introduce This to Your Parents” from 52 Weeks (No Sleep)
This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb – “This Is What I Want” from Front Seat Solidarity (Plan-It-X)

The Takers – “St. John’s Son” from Taker Easy (Suburban Home)
Whiskey & Co. – “Nightlife” from Leaving the Nightlife (No Idea)
Tim Barry – “Ronnie Song” from Manchester (Suburban Home)

Avail – “Mid-Town West” from Over The James (Suburban Home)
Los Crudos – “Porque”from Discography (Lengua Armada)
Spanakorzo – “Veins Collapse” from Influx (Gravity)

Atom and His Package – “Before My Friends Do” from Redefining Music (Hopeless)
Tullycraft – “The Punks Are Writing Love Songs” from Every Scene Needs a Center (Magic Marker)
Guided By Voices – “No Sky” from Under the Bushes Under the Stars (Matador)

Bad Brains – “Big Takeover” from Rock For Light (Caroline)
Funeral Oration – “We Had Everything” from Believer (Hopeless)
Social Unrest – “Good Morning America” from The Complete Studio Recordings (New Red Archives)

The Nation of Ulysses – “Love Is a Bull Market” from 13 Point Program to Destroy America (Dischord)
Shotmaker – “Blocks and Channels” from The Complete Discography (Troubleman Unlimited)
Q And Not U – “Black Plastic Bag” from Different Damage (Dischord)

Fuel – “Some Gods” from Monuments to Excess (Broken Rekids)
Hot Water Music – “Liquid America” from Finding the Rhythms (No Idea)
Rye Coalition – “The Higher the Hair, The Closer to God” from Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet (Gern Blandsten)

The Clash – “This is A Radio Clash” from Clash on Broadway (Sony)

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