July 17th, 2010

Lucas from Know Your Saints (SEA) joined Frankie B in the studio. He picked most of the music, so Frank’s picks are marked (FB) sometimes.

Mayflower – “Movie Quotes & Inside Jokes”

Too Many Daves – “Sarasota Slim”
The Cute Lepers – “No Escape”
Parts & Labor – “Fractured Skies”

Psyched to Die – “Scatterbrained”
Torche – “Vampyro”
Shark Pants – “Shark Pants”
Okie Dokie – “Bad Luck”

Toys That Kill – “Something In This Earth”
Chinese Telephones – “This Time Next Year”
Other Ghost – “The Pliant Pilot”
Twelve Hour Turn – “How to Build”

–Lucas jumps in! These are his picks except the (FB)

Off With Their Heads – “The Eyes of Death”
RVIVR – “Life and Death”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Gentlemen”
Impulse International – “Rooftops & Bus stops” (FB)

The Measure [SA] – “Response”
O’Pioneers!!! – “Hey That’s My Blood”
Paul Baribeau – “Rolling Clouds”

Know Your Saints – “Like a Funnelcloud”

The Anchor – “Opposite of Awesomeness”
Iron Chic – “Time Cop”
The Lawrence Arms – “Them Angels Been Talking”

Burnman – “Happy New Year” (FB)
Descendents – “Bikage” (FB)
Mocket – “Caller I.D.” (FB)

Leatherface – “Belly Dancing Stout”
Dear Landlord – “Lake Ontario”
The State Lottery – “Kindergarten Class”
American Steel – “Emergency House Party”
Banner Pilot – “Green wood”

The Honor System – “Muffled by Concrete”
The Nerve Agents – “Portland”
The Wipers -“Mystery”

J Church – “On Dying Alone”
Good Riddance – “Boxing Day”
Lifetime – “Turnpike Gates”
One Man Army – “Another Night”

Santiago – “The Night They Drove the Midway Down”

got an update about one of these bands?

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