July 10th, 2010

Nicki covered the show! Total Awesomeness…

Superchunk – “Dance Lessons”

The Casual Dots – “Hooded”
The Intima – “New Roots”
The Soviettes – “Number One is Number Two”
Lava Lava – “You Look So Nice”

Hooky – “6th and Santa Fe”
Chin Up, Meriwether! – “Relapse, Recovery, Reprise”
Drunken Boat – “Summerwine”
Teenage Cool Kids – “Find Out”

Huggy Bear – “Steppin’ on Bugs”
X-Ray Spex – “Identity”
Dog Faced Hermans – “Frock”
Cap ‘n Jazz – “Oh Messy Life”

Defiance, Ohio – “Hairpool”
Mischief Brew – “Oh Sweet Misery”
Rosa – “Whiskey”
Paul Baribeau – “Ten Things”

Dark Dark Dark – “New York Song”
Kind of Like Spitting – “Sheriff Ochs”
Mutiny – “Free Soup Daily”

RVIVR – “Change on Me”
Catatonic Youth – “Out of Control”
Chumbawamba – “Isolation”
The Moves – “T. Nee”

Sub Debs – “Hypnotized”
The Capricorns – “The New Sound”
This Bike is a Pipebomb – “Better off Dead”
Young Pioneers – “Downtown Tragedy”

Bangs – “Licorice Whip”
The Need – “Dear Diary”
Agatha – “Undefined”
The Coat Hangers – “Toomerhead”

Mean Jeans – “Steve Don’t Party No More”
Fifth Hour Hero – “At the Borders”
Shannon and the Clams – “The Warlock in the Woods”

The Drags – “Who’s Got the Electricity?”
Vivian Girls – “Wild Eyes”
COCO – “For You”

The Ex – “Keep on Hoppin'”

got an update about one of these bands?

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