Radio Show: January 24th, 2009

Special Guests in the studio tonight! Pat Maley (yo yo) and Aaron Kruse! Awesome!

Horny Genius – “Cha Cha with Hal” (AK)

Bloodthirsty Butchers – “I Hate You” (PM)
The Exploder – “Decision” (FB)
Iowa Beef Experience – “Beef is Belief” (AK)

Fugazi – “Reprovisional (Live)” (PM)
Naked Raygun – “Home of the Brave” (AK)
Mecca Normal – “I’m Not Into Being the Woman…” (PM)

The Wipers – “Romeo” (PM)
Some Velvet Sidewalk – “Pumpkin Patch” (PM)
Spaceheads – “One Way System” (AK)
Kicking Giant – “This Song” (PM)

KARP – “Leatherface” (PM)
Copass Grinders – “Bakuonki” (AK)
Red Monkey – “Ain’t Nothing But An In..” (PM)

House of Large Sizes – “What If There Is a Fire?” (AK)
Dead C – “Power” (AK)

NomyLamm the Need – “Powerstation” (PM)
Thinking Fellers Union – “Four o Clocker” (AK)

Three Day Stubble – “Wafer of Darkness” (AK)
Tragic Mulatto – “Man With A Tan” (AK)
Cows – “I Miss Her Bear” (AK)

The Hail Seizures – “Daddy” (FB)
Paul Baribeau – “Ten Things” (FB)
No Bunny – “I Am a Girlfriend” (FB)

Verbal Assault – “Anger Battery” (PM)

got an update about one of these bands?

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