Interview: Megan March

The “Take Back the Future” tour of Street Eaters and forgetters came through Olympia, WA on Monday, January 31st, 2011. Megan and Johnny were nice enough to record these monologue-style interviews…

Megan March (Photo by Ryan Richardson)

Street Eaters are the kind of people you’re glad to meet. They’re sincere, energetic, and awesome. Tirelessly touring, playing in tons of bands, and while angry about plenty of important things, they come across as super hopeful and positive people. I dig it. Better yet, their music rules. It hits you well enough… a kind of low-fi pop.. but then it kinda grows over your brain and you hear more each time you listen. Smart, powerful, raw and uncompromising. Go check out more about them and their music at their website:

You can also listen to John’s interview…

Street Eaters are from Oakland, CA.


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