When I do interviews, I chat beforehand with someone, and then get them set up in the sound booth by themselves. It’s just them and a microphone. I’m really trying to respect them as an artist and their perspective, so I only edit out pauses, “uhms” and false starts. I compress it basically. Most people use a page of questions I provide to prompt their responses, but they’re not required at all.

This is one of my favorite parts of this project. Thanks for listening!

More Interviews!!!
John Mink (Street Eaters, Fleshies)

Megan March (Street Eaters, Wild Assumptions)

Caroline Paquita (Womanimal, Pegacorn Press, Forgetters, Bitchin’)

Kevin Mahon (Forgetters, Against Me!)

Mindy Abovitz (Tom Tom Magazine)

Survival Knife on KAOS 89.3fm (Olympia, WA)



got an update about one of these bands?