Radio Show: February 7th, 2009

Guest DJ Michael Dennis (MD) joins Frankie B in the studio

Operation Ivy – “Here We Go Again”

The Clash – “Guns of Brixton” (MD)
Defiance, Ohio – “The Things That We Won’t Let Settle”
Japanther – “Summer of ’79”

Dropkick Murphys – “Outcast” (MD)
Descendents – “Everything Sux” (MD)
Real Reggae – “Real Reggae” (MD)

The Bananas – “Radio Action”
Toys That Kill – “They Caught Us All”
The Arrivals – “Fat Of The Land”

Tiger Army – “Calling” (MD)
NOFX – “Electricity” (MD)
The Hives – “Stay Control” (MD)

Mouthbreather – “Daily Bread”
Banner Pilot – “Wired Wrong”
Marked Men – “All In Your Head”

U.S. Bombs – “Croatia Breaks” (MD)
Social Distortion – “It’s the Law” (MD)
The Real McKenzies – “Nessie” (MD)

The Riot Before – “Words Written Over Coffee”
American Speedway – “American Speedway”

The Kickz – “Criminal” (MD)
The Controllers – “Top Secret” (MD)
Manic Hispanic – “Welcome to Paramount” (MD)

Off With Their Heads (block) –
“Horse Pills and the Apartment Lobby”
“Keep Falling Down”

At The Drive In – “Star Slight”
Cap’n’Jazz – “In the Clear”
Get Up Kids – “Coming Clean”

Bad Religion – “Let Them Eat War” (MD)
The Avengers – “We Are The One” (MD)
Sick of It All – “I Believe” (MD)

Sugar – “Tilted”
Bitch Magnet – “Mesentary”

got an update about one of these bands?

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