Radio Show: February 21st, 2009

J Church – “Foreign Films”

O’Pioneers – “The Architect of Disney World”
The Ergs – “Introducing Morrissey”
Fake Problems – “The Dream Team”
Mouthbreather – “Revolution Bummer”

Lungfish – “Put Your Halo On”
Fugazi – “Waiting Room”
Girls vs. Boys – “Wasting Away”
Q And Not U – “Book of Flags”

The Kickz – “Activate Me”
No Bunny – “Mess Me Up”
The Wipers – “Youth of America”
The Pills – “Ricochet”

Current – “Outside is Better”
Current – “Coliseum”
Current – “She Can’t Write”

The Briggs – “Songs for Us”
Drop Kick Murphys – “I’m Shipping up to Boston”
Street Dogs – “Not Without a Purpose”

Descendents –  “One More Day”
Fay Wray – “Dead Flowers”
Small Brown Bike – “Jailbreak”
Hot Snakes – “Hatchet Job”
Crackerbash – “Song for Lon Mabon”
Lawrence Arms – “Right as Rain (Part 2)”
Jawbreaker – “Do You Still Hate Me?”
Hot Water Music – “Paper Thin”

Dillinger Four – “Ode to the North American Snake Oil Distributor”
Monikers – “Papers”
The Serious Geniuses – “Tour Tore”
Virgins – “Another’s Gun”

Naked Raygun – “Treason”
Lemonheads – “Amazing Grace”
Crain – “Monkeywrench”
Samiam – “Television”

Underground Railroad to Candyland – “Squareball”
Los Crudos – “Crudos Soy”
Twelve Hour Turn – “Like a Cool Breeze Blowing Through Your Wallet”

Tubers – “I Seem to Be a Verb”
Ten Volt Shock – “And Assemble”
Environmental Youth Crunch – “The Stock Market is my Garden”

Big Black – “The Ugly American”
International Espionage – “Attencion”
The Shaking Hands – “Liars are for Punching”
Rock n’ Roll Monkey and the Robots – “Zombie Attack”
Mr. T Experience – “My Stupid Life”
Bratmobile – “I’m In the Band”
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb – “It Matters”

Moral Crux – “New War Generation”
Paint It Black – “Memorial Day”
Off With Their Heads – “Go On Git Now…”

Braid – “Bridge to Canada”
In/humanity – “Super Plan 5”
Quadiliacha – “Ben Burton Park”
Vanbuilderass – “I Think I Can See”

Dead Boys – “What Love Is”

Billy Bragg – “Strange Things Happen”

got an update about one of these bands?

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