Radio Show: December 4th 2010

Big Kids – “Parents Are Still A Handful” | Hoop Dreams (Protagonist)

Bear vs. Shark – “Catamaran” | Terrorhawk (Equal Vision)
The Sons of Saturn – “Castle of Steel” | Pure (Maldoror)
We Were Skeletons – “Drawn From the Houses I’ve Burnt” | We Were Skeletons (Top Shelf)

The Bananas – “The Sundering Sea” | New Animals (Recess)
Good Luck – “Novel Figure” | Demonstration 2010 (Self-Released)
Andrew Jackson Jihad – “Heartilation” | Can’t Maintain (Asian Man)

The Arrivals – “The Ballad of Lon Stokes” | Marvels of Industry (Recess)
Andalusians – “Turn Off” | Do The Work (Dischord)
Grabass Charlestons – “City Mouse” | Lead Us Down 7″ (Barracuda Sound)

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists “Bleeding Powers” | Shake The Sheets (Lookout)
Bangs – “I Want More” | Call And Response (Kill Rock Stars)
Hot Snakes – “Think About Carbs” | Audit in Progress (Swami)

The Ergs – “Stinking of Whiskey Blues” | Upstairs / Downstairs (Dirtnap)
Chuck Ragan – “Done and Done” | Gold Country (Side One Dummy)
Drag The River – “Leavin’ In The Morning” | It’s Crazy (Suburban Home)

Team Dresch – “Uncle Phranc” | Captain My Captain (Chainsaw/Candy Ass)
Faith – “In Control” | Faith/Void (Dischord)
Chisel – “Your Star Is Killing Me” | 8 A.M. All Day (Gern Blandsten)

All Girl Summer Fun Band – “Dreamy You” | Summer of ’98 EP (Magic Marker)
Love As Laughter – “The Youth Are Plastic” | The Greeks Bring Gifts (K Records)
Native Nod – “Answers” | Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World (Gern Blandsten)

Moss Icon – “Gravity” | It Disappears (SST)
Husker Du – “Hate Paper Doll” | Flip Your Wig (SST)
The Halo Benders – “Love Travels Faster” | The Rebels Not In (K Records)

Don Martin 3 – “Fire As A Metaphor” | Don Martin 3 (Belladonna)
The Hated – “Words Come Back” | No More We Cry 7″ (Vermin Scum)
Bread and Circuits – “Bloodbath” | Split with Former Members of Alfonsin (El Grito)
Palatka – “Yours At Best” | Split with End of the Century Party (Belladonna)

Lung Leg – “Punk Pop Travesty” | Hello Sir (K Records)
Steel Pole Bathtub – “Bozeman” | Miracle of Sound in Motion (Boner)
Embrace – “Dance of Days” | Dance of Days (Dischord)

The Wipers – “Rebel With A Cause” | Is This Real (Sub Pop)

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