December 19th, 2009

Matt Hurtado (MH) once again joined Frankie B in the studio!

Torche – “Grenades”

Algernon Cadwallader – “Katie’s Concious”
Liquid Limbs – “Hollow Me Out”
Anchor Arms – “Cold-Blooded”

Worn in Red – “When People Have Something to Say”
The Knockdown – “Shit Went Down in The Italian Kitchen”
Chinese Telephones – “Tell Me Tell Me”

Monikers – “Holiday”
The Measure [SA] – “Just Go”
King Friday – “Married Alive”

Dead to Me – “Special Professional”
Laura Stevenson & The Cans – “Landslide Song/The Dig”
Something Fierce – “Modern Girl”

Charm City Saints – “Adrift”
Vicious Cycle – “Heaven or Hell”
Go Get The Scissors – “Time”

Japanther – “$100 Cover”
The Ergs – “Linus & Lucy”
Tiltwheel – “2:07 AM”

The Briefs – “Destroy the USA” (MH)
Fugazi – “Slo Crostic” (MH)
The Forgotten – “Social Security” (MH)

Husker Du – “Terms of Psychic Warfare”
Chop Sakis – “Golden Graham”
Tree People – “Liquid Boy”

Don’s Ex-Girlfriend – “Cheasapeke”
Le Tigre – “Get Off The Internet”
High Tension Wires – “Smile and Lie”

Youth Brigade – “I Object”
Twelve Hour Turn – “Sleep Comes Early For You”
Die Hoffnung – “Lovemonger”

Circus Lupus – “Mean, Hot & Blessed” (MH)
Rocket From the Crypt – “Hairball Alley” (MH)
Lungfish – “Yellow Sun” (MH)
Minor Threat – “Stumped”

Lync – “Turtle”
Team Dresch – “D.A. Don’t Care”
Karp – “Me Big Mouth” (MH)

Against Me! – “We Laugh At Danger and Break All The Rules”

got an update about one of these bands?

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