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Top 5 of 2012: Joe Barresi

Joe Barresi is an Olympia punk that moved up here from San Diego a few years back. He is currently in 4 (yup, you read right, FOUR) amazing bands: playing bass in Disparate and We Play Quiet, drums in Dreams Dean, and guitar in a new project that is yet to be named and released into the world. Joe is one… Read more →

Top 5 of 2011: Mariella Luz

Mariella Luz is the longtime general manager of K records. She’s also the founder of the Olympia All Ages project, which operated the Northern venue in downtown Olympia. With the success of their recent kickstarter project, they’re still doing shows and looking for a new venue space. … Mariella’s really cool because she gets things done – like BIG things! She’s… Read more →

Top 5 of 2011: Lucas Andrews

Lucas Andrews plays guitar and sings in Know Your Saints, a band out of Oakland, CA. He does graphic design work for albums, t-shirts and funerals as A Flight of Yesterdays. His band’s latest release is the Landmarks EP (La Escalera Records & Solidarity Recordings). Lucas been a huge contributor to Campfire Island and it couldn’t be awesome without his help. Read more →

Top 5 of 2011: Matt Lebens

Matt Lebens runs the record label Radio is Down from Olympia, WA. He’s a drummer, his most recent project being WISDOM TEEF. Matt has a long history of booking shows, playing in bands, and putting out more international music than most American underground record labels. He also is an awesome repeat guest on our weekly radio show. … a super sincere… Read more →

Top 5 of 2011: Travis Bacon

Travis Bacon is formerly bi-coastal. Now he’s back home in NYC in the band Grudges, but he was also formerly in Sixes out of Olympia, WA. Travis was nice enough to do an interview with Campfire Island this earlier this year. The awesome shows Travis set up, while living on the West Coast, helped re-establish Olympia as a destination for touring… Read more →