Top 5 of 2011: Lucas Andrews

Lucas Andrews of Know Your SaintsLucas Andrews plays guitar and sings in Know Your Saints, a band out of Oakland, CA. He does graphic design work for albums, t-shirts and funerals as A Flight of Yesterdays. His band’s latest release is the Landmarks EP (La Escalera Records & Solidarity Recordings).

Lucas been a huge contributor to Campfire Island and it couldn’t be awesome without his help.

1. Big Kids “Phone Home” (Protagonist)
2. Worriers “Past Lives” 7 inch (No Idea)
3. Great Apes “three piece demos”
4. RVIVR “Belebend” 7 inch (Yo Yo)
5. White Wives “Happeners” (Adeline)

List #2
Top 5 Things that were Awesome and should be remembered…
1. Punk Planet
2. Lookout Records in the Larry Livermore days
3. The November Group
4. the positivity of 7 Seconds
5. anything by Husker Du or the Replacements

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got an update about one of these bands?

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