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Top 10 of 2016: Lucas Andrews

Lucas Andrews does graphic design work for posters, records, skateboards and t-shirts as A Flight of Yesterdays. He also plays guitar and sings in KNOW YOUR SAINTS. His band’s releases include a Split 7″ with GREAT APES, the Landmarks EP and the Escape Artists 7″. Lucas lives in Portland, OR but has documented his travels on Left’n’Leaving. Lucas has been a huge contributor to Campfire Island and it couldn’t be awesome without… Read more →

Spotify Playlist – December 2016

December’s Spotify playlist includes a wide-range of music as part of a frantic end of the year listening party. There’s a lot of great new 2016 stuff here by CLOUD NOTHINGS, YOUTH AVOIDERS, MULTICULT, GREAT GRANDPA and COLOR TV; some bands I should have listened to earlier, like THE VELVET TEEN; plus some classic talent like CHERUBS and LOU BARLOW. Read more →