Radio Show: August 7th, 2010

Ringers – “Nothing to Show” | Detention Halls (1-2-3-4 GO!)

Sass Dragons – “Workhorse” | Bonkaroo! (Johann’s Face)
RVIVR – “Edge of Living” | RVIVR (Rumbletowne)
Young Livers – “Finger to the Pulse” | Bridge and Tunnel & Young Livers Split (No Idea)

La Dispute – “Why It Scares Me” | Searching For a Pulse (No Sleep)
Failures – “Friends” | Failures (Youth Attack! / Clean Plate)
Racebannon – “Maybe I’m Just Camera Shy”| First There Was The Emptiness (Secretly Canadian)

Twelve Hour Turn – “No Tomorrow”|Perfect Progress Perfect Destruction (No Idea)
Madison Bloodbath – “The Great American Hem-Haw”|Gettin’ Loose With… (A.D.D. Records)
The Measure [SA] – “Get It Together”| The Measure & The Ergs Split (No Idea)

Gun Outfit -“New Love Thunders”|Possession Sound (Post Present Medium)
Abe Vigoda – “Infinity Face”| Kid City (olFactory)
WAVVES – “Take On The World”| King Of The Beach (Fat Possum)

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists -“Even Heroes Have to Die”| The Brutalist Bricks (Matador)
The State Lottery -“Kindergarten Class”| Cities We’re Not From (Salinas)
The Soviettes – “Paranoia Cha Cha Cha!”| LP III (Fat)

Something Fierce – “On Your Own”| There Are No Answers (Dirtnap)
The Exploding Hearts – “Walking Out On Love”| Shattered (Dirtnap)
The Marked Men – “Wait Here, Wait For You”| Fix My Brain (Dirtnap)

The Mr. T Experience – “What Is Punk?” | Night Shift at the Thrill Factory (Lookout)
No Means No – “The Valley of the Blind” | 0 + 2 = 1 (Wrong)
Thee Headcoats – “What’s Wrong With Me?” | Knights of the Baskervilles (Birdman)

Lync – “Heroes and Heroines” | These Are Not Fall Colors (K Records)
Karp – “Spelling Trouble” | Karp (K Records)
Treepeople – “Pretty Girl” | Guilt Regret Embarrassment (K Records)

Antioch Arrow – “Lightning Bolt” | In Love With Jetts / The Lady is a Cat (Gravity)
Lifetime – “Hey Catrina” | Jersey’s Best Dancers (Jade Tree)
Indian Summer – “Your Train is Leaving” | Discography (Future Recordings)

Universal Order of Armageddon – “Four Measure Start” | Universal Order of Armageddon (Kill Rock Stars)
Milemarker – “Alchemy” | Futurisms (Stickfigure)
Fugazi – “Walken’s Syndrome” | In On The Kill Taker (Dischord)

Scream – “Stand” | Still Screaming (Dischord)
Lifter Puller – “Lonely in a Limousine” | Fiestas + Fiascos (Self Starter)
Rapeman – “Hated Chinee” | Two Nuns and a Pack Mule (Touch and Go)

Defiance, Ohio – “Floodwaters” | Midwestern Minutes (No Idea)

7 Seconds – “Tribute Freedom Landscape” | Soulforce Revolution (Restless)

[No Download this week! Technical Issues!]

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