August 22nd, 2009

The Shaking Hands – “Liars Are For Punching”

Japanther – “Bumpin’ Rap Tapes”
Bastards of Young – “Five to Life”
Hail Seizures – “Daddy”
Underground Railroad to Candyland – “Bun Boy / Everybody Wants One”

Radon – “Alien Goat Bitch”
Brutal Knights – “Done With Music”
The Coathangers – “Stop Stomp Stompin'”

Banner Pilot – “Overwinter”
Strikeforce Diablo – “Judy Garland’s Christmas Special”
Dear Landlord – “Lake Ontario”
The Arrivals – “Company of Salt”

Dillinger Four – “A Jingle For The Product”
Dead to Me – “Don’t Lie”
Shark Pants – “Donkey Wishbone”
The Riot Before – “Words Written Over Coffee”

Lucer0 – “Kiss the Bottle”
The Coffee Project – “Battle Scars”
Shook Ones – “Raised by Woofs”

RVIVR – Life Moves (by request!)
Pinhead Gunpowder – “Reach the Bottle” & “Find My Place”

Phleg Camp – “Cut the Robe Shit”
Jawbreaker – “Shield Your Eyes”

Jawbreaker – “Boxcar”
Samiam – “Underground”
Samiam – “Hey Brother”

Husker Du – “Something I Learned Today”
The Lemonheads – “Uhh”
The Clash – “Train in Vain” (live)

Fugazi – “Margin Walker”

Lemuria – “Lipstick”
The Beat Buttons – “Red (Gainesville is Full of Excuses)”

Daniel Higgs – “Mirror of the Apocolypse”

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