August 21st, 2010

Wavves – “Baseball Cards” | King of the Beach (Fat Possum)

Titus Andronicus – “?And Ever” | The Monitor (XL Recordings)
Audacity – “Teenage Town” | Power Drowning (Burger)
Street Eaters – “Black Water” | We See Monsters (Bakery Outlet)

Bomb the Music Industry – “Planning My Death” | Adults!!! (Quote Unquote)
Defiance, Ohio – “Cigarettes” | Midwestern Minutes (No Idea)
Paul Baribeau – “Rolling Clouds” | Unbearable (No Idea)

Torche – “Rockit” | Torche (Hydra Head)
Young Livers – “Fair Well” | The New Drop Era (No Idea)
Tiny Hawks – “Smaller Cemetaries” | People Without End (Corleone)

Sinaloa – “The Earth Is On Fire” | Ampere – Sinaloa Split (Ebullition)
Comadre – “Blackland Dirt” | Burn Your Bones (Bloodtown)
Pageninetynine – “We Left As Skeletons” | Document #8 (Robotic Empire)

La Dispute – “Nobody, Not Even the Rain” | Somewhere at the Bottom of the River between Vega and Altair (No Sleep)
Ampere – “In Memoriam” | Touche Amore (Ebullition)
Brainworms – “Art Thou Bored” | Brainworms / The Catalyst Split 7″ (Rorschach)

C Average – “Genericube” | C Average (Kill Rock Stars)
Sleater-Kinney – “Taste Test” | Call The Doctor (Chainsaw)
The Raincoats – “No Looking” | The Raincoats (We Three)

Unwound – “Kid is Gone” | Unwound (Honeybear)
Spirit Assembly – “Convention Invention” | Discography (Yuletide)
One Last Wish – “Home is the Place” | 1986 (Dischord)

Universal Order of Armageddon – “Symptom” | Universal Order of Armageddon (Kill Rock Stars)
Bad Brains – “I Against I” | I Against I (SST)
Lungfish – “Searchlight” | Unanimous Hour (Dischord)

Rancid – “It’s Quite Alright” | Rancid (Epitaph)
Hanson Brothers – “I Know You” | My Game (Mint)
The Adicts – “Get Addicted” | Made In England (SOS)

Minor Threat – “Cashing In” | Complete Discography (Dischord)
Minutemen – “One Chapter In the Book” | Kid Dynamite (SST)
Unrest – “Black Power Dynamo” | Kustom Karnal Blackexploitation (Teen Beat)

Superconductor – “Bushpilot” | Heavy With Puppy (Boner)
Texas is the Reason – “If It’s Here When We Get Back It’s Ours” | Music For the Proletariat (Revelation)
The Van Pelt – “It’s A Suffering” | Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves (Gern Blandsten)

Pegboy – “Superstar” | Strong Reaction (Quarterstick)
American Steel – “Hope Springs From Somewhere” | Rogue’s March  (Lookout)
Fifteen – “Someday” | Swain’s First Bike Ride (Lookout)

Rocket From The Crypt – “Pure Genius” | All Systems Go, Vol 1. (Swami)


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