Radio Show: April 4th, 2009

Gatorface – “Flak Jacket”

The Clash – “Spanish Bombs”
Gang of Four – “Damaged Goods”
The Avengers – “We Are The One”

Husker Du – “Terms of Psychic Warfare”
3 – “Swann Street”
Fugazi – “Waiting Room”

Matty Pop Chart – “Thailand”
Ghost Mice – “Witches and Warlocks”
Paul Baribeau – “Things I Wish”
Defiance, Ohio – “Petty Problems”

Defiance, Ohio – “The Things We Won’t Let Settle, But Let Set”
Hail Seizures – “Daddy”
Shorebirds – “D.O.A.”

Against Me! – “Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious”
Off With Their Heads – “I Keep Falling Down”
Witches With Dicks – “He Was Yelling At Me”

Anchor Down – “Crass-A-Nova”

The Ergs – “Introducing Morrissey”
Toys That Kill – “Run Away”
Shook Ones – “Raised By Woofs”

The Explosion – “Image Of A Son”
Banner Pilot – “Empty Your Bottles”
Dead to Me – “Arrythmic Palpitations”

Lemuria – “Pants”
The Evens – “Mt. Pleasant Isn’t Anymore”
Coffee Project – “Battle Scars”
Rumbleseat – “Cursin’ Concrete”

Defiance, Ohio – “Oh Susquehanna”

Tullycraft – “Every Little Thing”
Japanther – “Uhm, Like Your Smile is Totally Ruling Me”
Matt and Kim – “Daylight”

Shark Pants – “Donkey Wishbone”
Obits – “Widow of My Dreams”
In The Red – “Jet Breaker”
Sixes – “Apocrypha”

Avail – “Simple Song”

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