April 24th, 2010

Pink Razors – “Geometric Park”

Banner Pilot – “Losing Daylight”
Mouthbreather – “The Nazarene”
Dear Landlord – “I Live in Hell”

RVIVR – “Grandma”
The Bomb – “Never Want to See You Again”
Monikers – “Papers”

The Bananas – “Don’t Touch That Thing”
Leatherface – “Never Say Goodbye”
Bomb The Music Industry – “Planning My Death”

Gun Outfit – “Feeling Good”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – “Anxiety”
Fifth Hour Her0 – “Playing Politics”
Worn in Red – “As Best We Can”

Army of Ponch – “Foil Monkeys or Bread Monkeys, Either One”
Dillinger Four – “A Floater Left in the Executive Washroom”
The Warmers – “Red Light Runner”

Lemuria – “Dogs”
Japanther – “I-10”
Good Luck – “1001 Open Hands”

The Jesus Lizard – “One Evening”
Twelve Hour Turn – “I, Too, Had Potential”
Fugazi – “Closed Captioned”

Torches to Rome – “Torches to Rome”
Small Brown Bike – “Scream in Silence”
Minor Threat – “Seeing Red”

Spitboy – “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”
Burnman – “Happy New Year!”
Assfactor 4 – “Hey Stinky”
Palatka – “Palatka Kills Young Republicans (without batting an eyelash)”
True North – “Summer Lovin'”

Tar – “Dark Mark”
Lungfish – “Wailing Like Dragons”
Seam – “Are You Driving Me Crazy?”

Billy Bragg – “A New England”

got an update about one of these bands?

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