April 10th, 2010

The Aquarium – “Performer”

Parts + Labor – “Wedding in a Wasteland”
Brainworms – “Phat Intentions”
The Lawrence Arms – “Requiem Revisited”

Dynamite Arrows – “Hobo Clown Love Song”
Good Luck – “Sleep With No Bad Dreams”
Shang-a-Lang – “The Woods”

The Ergs – “Jazz is the New Coke”
Banner Pilot – “Spit Out”
Bomb the Music Industry – “Planning My Death”
Dan Padilla – “Just Maybe”

Medications – “Opinions”
The Beat Buttons – “Red (Gainesville is Full of Excuses)”
Young Livers – “Finger to the Pulse”
Western Hymn – “Estranged”

The Broadways – “Under My Belt”
The Mutoid Men – “Big Sign”
Olemole – “Chimps Night Out”

Burnman – “Met Her in A Cyclone”
Current – “Hark”
Rites of Spring – “Spring”

Le Tigre – “Let’s Run”
The Clash – “Pressure Drop”
Atom and His Package – “Head Gone Vertical”

Samiam – “Don’t Break Me”
Husker Du – “I Apologize”
J Church – “Tide of Fate”

Car vs. Driver – “20×5”
Spirit Assembly – “Continuity Without Question”
Palatka – “Cheering Section”
Twelve Hour Turn – “I Was Raised to Break”

Bitch Magnet – “Mesentary”
Lync – “Perfect Shot”
Naked Raygun – “Jettison”
Minutemen – “#1 Hit Song”

Soulside – “What Do You Know About That?”

got an update about one of these bands?

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