It is, perhaps, the strength of our character, as much as the quality of our music, that differentiates the underground from the mainstream

Spotify Playlist – November 2014

Another in our series of monthly playlists on Spotify. This is some of the music we’ve been jamming during the month of November: CAYETANA, CREEPOID, TELEPATHIC LINES, RADIATOR HOSPITAL, LENGUAS LARGAS, POST TEENS, PREGNANCY SCARES and other rad stuff… Read more →

Spotify Playlist – October 2014

Really digging this Spotify playlist feature. Here’s what we were listening to in October 2014: VOIGHT KAMPF, TONY MOLINA, NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS, ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD, BIG UPS and more… Go listen! Read more →

Spotify Playlist – September 2014

Great jams in this month’s Spotify playlist. Here is the music we were listening to in September 2014: DOUBLE DAGGER, CRIMINAL CODE, TOTAL CONTROL, PERFECT PUSSY, MERCHANDISE, PUNCH, MALE BONDING, and a bunch of other awesome stuff… Read more →

Spotify Playlist: August 2014

A second Spotify playlist effort… Here’s music we were rockin’ to in August 2014: TREASURE FLEET, CHUMPED, FUTURE VIRGINS, WET NURSE, RADIOACTIVITY, THE NIGHT MARCHERS, WILD MOTH, SEAHAVEN, and more… Go take a look! Read more →